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Link and Zelda ♥

The Hero and the Princess

Link and Zelda
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I realized that this notice posted by previously about the move is no longer at the top of the page, so I would like to inform everyone here that the community is now moved to a different place... Link is below.
link_x_zelda is now moved to heroxprincess !!

Thanks everyone for supporting LinkxZelda pairing.

Hope to see you guys over there! =)

This community is about the relationship between Link and Zelda from the Nitendo Video game series as well as the Manga. Although we focus on the Romantic side of their relationship, we also accept other aspect as well; Friendship or else (except from Rivalry, hate, etc...) - but Romance is definitely the main thing. Here is the place to post your fan fiction, fan art, scans, color bars, icons, graphics, websites and other stuff that is related and supports the concept of Zelink.

In order to keep the community running smoothly and clean, all rules will be enforced. You will be warned if you break a rule and if you do not comply with the request to correct it, you will be banned.

001. Absolutely no bashing of Link or Zelda.  No drama. There will be NO rude comments and/or personal attack in the community.

002. Your hair looks fine. No personal entries, all post must be Zelda/Zelink related one way or the other. whether it be news (new or old), graphics, fanart...etc. If we see that your post does not relate, it will be deleted.

003. You don't have to be a Link/Zelda fan to join the community; you are totally free to join.   BUT Bashing of Zelda, Link or the Zelda/Link ship itself won't be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. I mean it; this is a community that supports the Zelda/Link Ship. We Zelink fans did not create a community especially to bash Maron - we respect their opinions. This same respect must be shown towards us. As the adage goes, if you have nothing nice to say, shut up.

004. If you are going to post large graphics and images and long stuff, PLEASE use an LJ-Cut. it's not very complicated. don't know how to? Your Holy guide to LJ-cuts, brought to you by LJ itself..

005. Since the community is now Members-only please lock all your posts.  Failure to do so will result in the immediate deletion of your post.

006. There will be NO hotlinking of pictures. Please use services such as photobucket or imageshack.us, to upload and link pictures from. Entries with hotlinking will be deleted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

007. To all new members: It is mandatory that  you post an application ASAP after you've joined.  Why? nothing too serious, it's just to get to know you better and welcome you. See below to get the application form.

008. Have Fun! Please enjoy yourselves! :)


Contact us: If you have any doubts, questions, concerns or suggestions, you can contact us personally (Jade:sugarcreamx@yahoo.co.jp) and (Jo:joanne.beverly@gmail.com).

Application Form: Remember that your answer won't be judged by any member of the community or by it's moderators.  This is merely a way to get to know you better. :) Please post your application under a cut and lock it!

If you would like to Affiliate to us, we would be very glad to as long as you are not Anti-Zelda and Anti-Zelink.  Just drop us a line using the community's email, and we'll send you a reply as soon as we can.

None Yet


If you would like to link to use and promote our community on your site or userinfo, that would be really great.  Please do so by using the codes below.


bevly: owner and maintainer
numerically:The community as you see it to day is thanks to her hardwork.
norngpinky: moderator

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